Sweet Yeast Bread with a Cream Cheese, Fresh Cherry and Crumble Topping


I have a thing for cherries and sweet yeast bread. I think they just are so perfect together. And with beautiful, fresh cherries showing up in the markets, it was time to bake a little something.

This is a new bread for me, a mash-up of a number of sweet bread ideas I have come across, combined with a technique I have used a few times – chopping the dough into chunks (like my Chopped Caramel Apple Bread).

You may be wondering what purpose the chopping part plays in this bread. It’s quite simple – it makes nooks and crannies for the topping. If it weren’t for those nooks and crannies, all the cherries and crumble would roll right off as the bread rose as it cooked. I think we can agree that would be a darned shame.

Even with the nooks and crannies, the cherries need a little coaxing to stay on top of the bread. I relied on the cream cheese to provide a bit of “glue” and placed the cherries right on top of the dollops of cream cheese, to help them stay put.

I wondered afterwards if I should have put some cherries in with the chopped dough, so there would be some fruit in the main part of the bread, as well. I think I might try it next time, maybe cutting those cherries into smaller pieces to make the bread easy to cut. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Sweet Yeast Bread with a Cream Cheese, Fresh Cherry and Crumble Topping
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I should note that despite the topping, you can toast this bread. In fact, it is lovely toasted. I find the slices are tall enough that the top sticks up above the heating elements, so only the bottom bread part toasts. With a little butter and a cup of tea, it’s a perfect morning or afternoon treat.



  • Such a gorgeous bread, I love that topping!

  • This is such a great recipe idea, great blog by the way

  • I love the look of that topping! And although cherries would be lovely in the actual bread, it looks so beautiful with them clinging on to the top with those gorgeous crumbs.

    • Jennifer M says:

      They do look pretty on top, for sure. Was just trying to figure out if I could sneak in more cherry goodness :)

  • This looks fabulous! I love this topping. I look forward to trying this after I get my hands on some fresh cherries at the Farmer’s Market.

  • Sophie says:

    What a wonderful use of cherries! I’ve gotta find a chance to bake this beautiful loaf. Maybe it is just close to lunchtime but this sounds HEAVenly! If I bake a loaf, I’ll have to share with our CEO, who loves new cherry recipes :)

    • Jennifer M says:

      It is delicious bread, Sophie. And those would be Pacific Northwest cherries on top of that bread, since the Ontario cherries haven’t hit the stores here yet. They were delicious, too :)

  • Renee says:

    Cherry season really is the best, isn’t it? How I would like a slice of this right now. You knocked it out of the park again Jennifer!

  • Dina says:

    this looks so yummy! i love cherries and cream cheese!

  • Jennifer M says:

    Thanks Dina. It’s a great combination, for sure.

  • Oh this sounds simply perfect! There are no where near enough (Aussie summer) cherries in my freezer for all the fabulous recipes out right now!

  • Yuri says:

    Can I using Bread Flour ? or Even Cake flour ? How do you think ?

    Thank you.

    • Jennifer says:

      I would try bread flour. I think cake flour is too soft. Is there a reason you don’t want to use all-purpose flour?

      • Yuri says:

        Thank you for you reply.
        No, I just thinking about bread like this recipe . That’s why I thought if I do using bread flour, what kind of texture result………..
        I will try all purpose flour first.

        By the way ,I am so fascinating your every recipe . Especially Bread and Sweets. I was wondering how come so delicate sweets than American. (As matter fast I am Japanese)
        Then I found you are Canadian. No wonder looks like and sweetness are influence from France I think.
        Not crazy sweet at all !! Excellent !
        I’m going to try to make for your bread and sweets recipe every one of those !!! : )

        Thank you so much.

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the kind words Yuri :) And thanks for cooking along. I think Canadians do tend to prefer things a little less sweet than Americans and definitely some French influences here.

    As for flour, I find all-purpose flour works pretty well for most breads. I do sometimes add a tiny bit of cake flour to bread, for a super light texture. I find bread flour works best for things like bagels and pizza crust (or some crusty, artisan-type breads).

    • Yuri says:

      I just made it today ! This very good ! I wish I can show you mine.
      But I was using Black Cherry, so finishing color is a little bit darker .
      I was cheating make bread by hand instead, I just put bread ingredients into Bread machine ! It’s works !
      But it seems like a little bit Dough is harder than I was expecting . Dough resting time instead 30 min, I did 50 min, because my bread machine dough is a little bit hard , so if dough is not enough rises up.
      I set parchment paper inside loaf pan as easy take it out after that.
      I was afraid of making crumble , because usually I thought using cold butter.
      But that is also no problem ! I made it nice crumble topping.
      One more thing worries me that about baking time. I did a little bit longer than 45 min. Because topping are not really brown at all, so I just do 10 minuets more baking longer. Result was outside crust was kind a hard .
      Next time , I do follow as recipe as 45 min. ; )

      Another nice recipe one !! Thank you .

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