Ham and Asparagus Vol au Vent

Ham and Asparagus Vol au Vent with a Creamy and Grainy Mustard Sauce

Leftover Easter Ham? Try this quick and easy treat with ham and asparagus in a cream and grainy mustard sauce.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I thought I’d share a quick and easy dish to use up some left-over ham, in case you’re dealing with that situation.

Vol au Vent shells are a bit retro I guess, but they’re still a delicious and a simple way to dress up dinner. I love that they can be cooked from frozen, because I’m terrible at remembering to take frozen things out ahead of time. While they bake in the oven, all you need to do is a quick saute of some fresh asparagus and diced cooked ham. To finish, add some heavy cream and grainy mustard and let the sauce reduce. And voila! Dinner in a flash and a lot of that leftover ham dealt with.

If you’d rather use a lighter cream you certainly can. Simple mix a little cornstarch in with it to thicken it up a bit. I’ve mentioned before that I like Maille’s A L’ancienne Grainy Mustard which is fairly mild-ish. If you’re grainy mustard is a bit more potent, you may wish to use less. Probably best to add a little, then taste and add more as necessary.

Ham and Asparagus Vol au Vent with a Cream and Grainy Mustard Sauce



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