Feeding It Forward

A combination of rising food costs and a flood of holiday bills can make managing budgets this time of year, for many, a little more difficult than usual. Maple Leaf Foods wants to alleviate some of the pressure Canadian families are experiencing. Through efforts starting on Family Day (February 15), Maple Leaf is giving 10,000 families across Canada $100 of free groceries, totalling nearly $100,000 in free groceries across the country!

Feed It Forward: The fact that 1 in 8 families and 1 in 6 children face hunger on a regular basis is inconceivable in a country with as much abundance as Canada. Let’s Feed it Forward to thank and recognize the people in our communities who have made a positive difference by feeding the potential of others.

Not only is this a challenging time for individual families, but it’s also a difficult time for not-for-profit organizations that rely on donations, such as Food Banks. Food banks are truly the front-line and their work never ends, because the need never ends.

I am so pleased to be working with Maple Leaf to spread the word about this wonderful initiative. I’m especially thankful for the donation from Maple Leaf, that I was able to direct to my local Food Bank – Manna Food Bank in Bracebridge, Ontario. I also matched Maple Leaf’s donation with my own personal monetary donation.

While Food Banks are grateful for all donations, they always welcome monetary donations, which they use to fill in gaps in their stock and in particular, to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables to provide to families. Fruits and vegetables are rarely donated, due to their perishable nature, and given their cost (especially during the winter months here in Canada), they are unaffordable for a lot of families.

If you are anything like me, it’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives and activities and to need reminders once in a while of those that are struggling. In my small town of only 16,000 people, the Manna Food Bank feeds hundreds of families (including about 300 children!) every month, who, without the help of the food bank and it’s volunteers, would go without.

Food bank volunteers are unsung heroes in many communities, including my own. And when we make a donation, we not only help people in need, we make the job of those volunteers easier, so they can spend more time helping families and less time reminding us to donate!

I know I need this reminder now and then. Maybe you do to?

Feed It Forward
Ready-made Food Bank donation bags at my local grocery store, to purchase and donate on the way out!

With this in mind, Maple Leaf is launching a Canada-wide #FeedItForward contest to help Canadians “Feed it Forward” and to nominate someone in your community who is using food to make a positive difference in people’s lives. They could receive a $10,000 donation towards their organization and enjoy free Maple Leaf groceries for a year. And just by nominating them you could have the opportunity to receive free Maple Leaf groceries for a year.

Maple Leaf Feed It Forward

Visit Maple Leaf Feed It Forward nomination site and tell Maple Leaf your heart-warming story of an individual that has gone above-and-beyond to support your community or your family.

The nominee must volunteer with or work for a registered not-for-profit organization or community group (kids camp, community drop-in centre, school nutrition program, etc.) that uses food as a key component of supporting their program goals.

The organization or community group must rely on donations for the majority of their operating costs. They cannot be registered businesses or for-profit companies.

The organization must have a clearly defined strategy, vision or program for how it uses food to improve people’s lives through, but not limited to, nourishment and skill building (nutrition education, meals and food hamper delivery, cooking and food preparation skills, etc.)

The nominee must have a deep commitment to the organization based on either their years of service, contributions to advancing the organization’s food program or service delivery, commitment to go-above-and beyond to their defined roles and responsibilities.

NUMBER AND DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES: A maximum of ten (10) Prizes (each with a retail value of approximately $10,000) are available to be won. One (1) of these Prizes is available to be won by an eligible resident of Quebec. The remaining nine (9) Prizes are available to be won by eligible residents of other Canadian provinces and territories, namely, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Maximum of one (1) Prize per Nominee. Entrants do not receive Prizes or any other form of compensation.

Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Maple Leaf Foods but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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