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Seasons and Suppers has been publishing simple and seasonal recipes since 2010 and currently has over 400 recipes online. Thanks to accessible and creative recipes with compelling photographs, Seasons and Suppers has gained a strong following of regular readers, as well as frequent visits from image-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Visit the Press Page to see some of the sites where Seasons and Suppers photos have been featured!

Jennifer Maloney is the woman behind Seasons and Suppers. I live in central Ontario, Canada with my husband and I am the mom to two grown children. With a strong history of photographic experience, I am ready and able to provide high-quality photographs of any recipe.
I love to work with brands that I use in my kitchen every day, and try to go above and beyond to represent brands in the best way. I am available for the following:

• Recipe development   • Food photography   • Product Reviews   • Sponsored posts   • Brand Ambassadorships   • On-site Advertising   • Culinary Travel

(Have another idea? I'm open to working with you on your special creative project!)

Seasons and Suppers has worked with brands such as Kraft™, All-Clad™ Philips™ Carnation™, KitchenAid™, French's Mustard™, Gusto TV and more! I'm always happy to work with brands to help find the best way to promote brands within the Seasons and Suppers site.