Brie Grilled Cheese

This Brie Grilled Cheese is grilled cheese elevated. With a layer of Brie cheese, a bit of old cheddar cheese and dollops of red pepper jelly, then grilled to golden, buttery perfection.

Melt butter


Melt butter in pan and place one slice of bread on top of melted butter.

Add the Brie


Add Brie slices on top of the bread, slightly over-lapping.

Add Red Pepper Jelly


Add a couple of Tablespoons of red pepper jelly on top.

Add Old Cheddar


Add some shredded old cheddar cheese on top, then place second slice of bread on.



Grill until underside is golden. Add more butter to the pan and flip.

Ingredients you will need:

Sourdough Bread Butter Brie Cheese Red Pepper Jelly Old white cheddar cheese Total Time: 15 minutes


Serve with more red pepper jelly.