About Me

JenHi! I’m Jennifer and I am cooking my way through the seasons in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

Seasons and Suppers is my online food and cooking diary, where I get a chance to share what’s cooking in my kitchen throughout the year. Thanks for stopping by!

Contact me

I love hearing from the people who stop by my site, so please feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Leave a comment on the site or drop me an email to jennifer@seasonsandsuppers.ca.

So, what’s cooking here?

Is it enough to say delicious stuff? Yeah, probably not. Ok then, so I love to cook simple, seasonal food, making use of what’s fresh and at it’s best, when it’s available, or just taking a few great ingredients and making something special out of it.

That doesn’t mean I’m all “fruit and veggies” (not that there’s anything wrong with that :). I have a legendary sweet tooth and a fondness for comfort food. For me, no food is “off limits”. I try to keep a healthy balance by indulging is some less often than others. My only rule – whatever it is I crave, I’ll try to make it at home, from scratch as often as I can.

So all that said, you’ll find a bit of everything here – seasonal and healthy; hearty and comforting; sometimes a little bit sinful … but always delicious.

A bit more about the cook and her resident taste-testers

I am a home cook, schooled by trial and error and almost 30 years of putting dinner on the table. I also love to eat great food, which is probably my biggest motivation :) I’ve learned that eating well doesn’t have to involve lots of time, money or fancy ingredients. I also believe that if I’m making it myself, in my own kitchen, from good and fresh ingredients, I’m already a good part of the way to eating well.

I have been married for 28 years and am the mother of 2. Our oldest has “left the nest”, but our 18 year old daughter is in her first year of college, so she’s just home weekends these days. My husband is a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. Over the years, he’s gradually come around to accepting that not every meal has to include meat and potatoes. I’m thankful for that. They both are quite happy to be the resident taste-testers.

We live on a 5 acre, rural property just outside of Bracebridge, Ontario (or “in the bush”, as our daughter often refers to it). I cook in a kitchen that was the original log home that sat on this property and was built in 1870. It’s full of modern conveniences though (thankfully!). All except a dishwasher. We have never installed one, so I do all the washing up from my cooking adventures by hand. Yes, I do have dish-pan hands.

10 Things About Me

1. I am one of those people who thinks Cilantro tastes like soap. Apparently it’s a genetic thing.
2. I don’t like olives, lamb, fennel, eggplant or Brussels sprouts (and Cilantro, of course).
3. I love goat cheese and if I could, would find a way to work it into every dish.
4. I bake all the bread for my family. Baking with yeast is my happy place.
5. I’m impatient by nature and it has caused me more than a few cooking failures.
6. I was born and raised in Muskoka. So was my Dad and my Grandmother.
7. I complain a lot about the winter here, but I secretly think it is really beautiful and peaceful. (Now, no longer a secret, I guess ;)
8. I am addicted (in a healthy way) to … coffee, the internet, tv – love CSI (the original), Criminal Minds, Homeland and lots of shows on HBO like Veep, Band of Brothers, Family Tree. And the Real Housewives of just about any city (my guilty pleasure).
9. In the summer of 2012, I broke my arm after I fell off the chair I was standing on to take a picture of this Dutch baby.
10. I will probably continue to stand on chairs to take food photos, because sometimes … I just never learn.

Photography Info

I shoot my food photos with a Canon T3i DSLR, usually with a 50mm 1.8 lens (the nifty fifty). I also have a 60mm macro lens that I love. I only shoot in natural light, which is a challenge during the long, dark Canadian winters. I process all my photos with Photoshop, since I shoot in RAW and prefer to do the finishing touches like sharpening and contrast after. While I have dabbled in (amateur) photography for a number of years, I found food photography a definite challenge. Turns out making delicious food into a delicious photo is not that easy :) But that said, I’ve loved the process of learning.

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The Fine Print (or what’s cool and what’s not)

It’s cool to post any of my photos on Pinterest or Tumblr (or a similar photo-sharing site), providing the photo links back to the respective recipe page. And thanks for sharing!

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It’s cool to use any recipe you find on this site on your site (recipes are for sharing!) If posting on your own blog, please take your own photos and re-write the instructions in your own words. A link back to my original post would be cool, especially if the recipe is original (doesn’t indicate it was adapted from another source).

It’s not cool to post both my photos and recipe copy (re-written or not) on your site or post it onto a recipe sharing site. After all, if you’ve posted all the content on your site (or another site), what reason would anyone have to visit here? And since I’m the one who bought the ingredients, cooked it, photographed it and wrote it up, I figure it’s not too much to ask that visitors enjoy the content on my site (and not yours or theirs). It’s really only fair, right?

All photos are © Seasons and Suppers. Always and forever. When in doubt about use, please email me for permission. I’m nice. I am usually happy to share.