In Season Now: Asparagus

Butter Braised Asparagus, Leeks and Peas with Salmon

Butter Braised Asparagus with Salmon


Butter Braised Peas, Leeks and Asparagus is a simple dish, but it brings out the best in the first of the fresh, local Spring greens. Served it with grilled salmon fillets, for a delicious and quick meal.

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Maple Sugar Ragamuffins


These Maple Sugar Ragamuffins are delicious, flaky buttery biscuits rolled up with maple sugar and butter. As they bake up, the sugar and butter caramelizes in to such sweet goodness!

cooked asparagus on white plate with carbonara sauce and bacon garnish

Asparagus Carbonara


This Asparagus Carbonara is delicious asparagus with carbonara sauce. Channeling the famous pasta dish, the sauce is a simple egg custard, flavoured with Parmesan and bacon. An easy and delicious way to enjoy asparagus!