Skillet Cranberry Vanilla Buckle

Skillet Cranberry Vanilla Buckle

I love cranberries. I especially love cranberries in baking, because I don’t think you can beat them for providing a tart contrast to a sweet dish.

This cake is a winner for a number of reasons. First, it bakes up beautifully in a skillet. It is a beautiful, moist cake inside (thanks to the sour cream), but crunchy on the outside and on top, which is generously sprinkled with a vanilla-scented crumble. And then there’s the cranberries, that burst as they cook and infuse the cake with flavour. It’s a thing of beauty I tell you!

This cake is technically a buckle. In case you’re lost in the world of crisps, cobblers and grunts, a buckle has fruit mixed in with the batter and usually, sprinkled on top.

I would recommend this buckle for a warm, Fall morning treat (it’s not too sweet, so it’s perfect for breakfast or brunch). Or serve it warm with ice cream for dessert. The optional orange zest is a great addition for a breakfast or brunch cake. If serving for dessert, you can go either way.

Skillet Cranberry Vanilla Buckle
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With Thanksgiving coming, this is one you might want to keep in mind for your holiday brunch table.

And for all the fellow cranberry lovers out there (within driving distance of Muskoka :), don’t forget about the Bala Cranberry Festival coming up in a few weeks – for all things cranberry!


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