There are so many reasons to love bundt cakes, but for me, I love the wide variety of flavours and the ease of making them.

And since I’m not much of a cake decorator, it doesn’t require any fancy decorating. In fact, bundt cakes, seldom need more than a dusting of confectioners’ sugar.

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Bundt cakes are all at once easy, delicious and beautiful and perfect for any and all occasions, too! Here are 6 favourite bundt cake recipes you're sure to enjoy.
Orange Poppy Seed Bundt Cake
Tender orange bundt cake, filled with lots of poppy seeds. A perfect way to celebrate citrus!
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orange poppy seed bundt cake sliced on white board
Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake
A delicious, tender lemon bundt cake, with a crispy outside and a ribbon of blueberries running through the middle.
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blueberry lemon bundt sliced on white platter
Sticky Toffee Bundt Cake
An easy and delicious sticky toffee bundt cake, served with a delicious, homemade toffee sauce. A great make-ahead cake!
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sticky toffee bundt cake sliced on plate with toffee sauce
Nana’s Chocolate Cake
An old-fashioned Devil's Food chocolate cake, the is wonderfully light and moist and can be used to make a bundt, sheet cake, layer cake or cupcakes.
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Nana's chocolate cake sliced
Easy S’mores Cake
An easy and delicious smores cake, with a chocolate bundt cake, topped with toasted marshmallows, graham cracker pieces and Hershey milk chocolate bar pieces
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s'mores bundt cake topped with marshmallows
Ginger Spice Bundt Cake
Lovely and light ginger spice bundt cake served with a warm brown sugar sauce. Add a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream to the plate as well, if you like!
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Ginger bundt cake sliced with brown sugar sauce

Bundt Cake Baking Tips

Bundt Cake Tip #1: Make sure your bundt cake pan is perfectly clean. Sometimes tiny bits of cake from previous bakes can remain in the narrow grooves on some pans. This can cause sticking later on when trying to remove the bundt cake.

Bundt Cake Tip #2: Grease the pan well and thoroughly. I have had great success with Pam Baking Spray. Alternately, use a brush to brush a thin layer of a neutral-tasting cooking oil on the pan.

Bundt Cake Tip #3: If using spray, don’t spray the pan until you are right ready to put the batter in. If you spray early, the spray tends to run off the sides and pool at the bottom.

Bundt Cake Tip #4: The colour of your bundt pan can affect the baking time of the cake. Darker pans will cook more quickly, so be sure to check and test the cake ahead of the suggested baking time.

Bundt Cake Tip #5: After baking, the “sweet spot” for removing a bundt cake from the pan is 10 minutes after removing from the oven (unless the recipe specifically suggests a different timing). Trying to remove the cake too early and any later than 10 minutes can cause the cake to stick to the pan.

Bundt Cake Tip #6: Before flipping out the bundt cake, use a knife to gently loosen the outside edges and the edges up against the centre piece. To remove the cake, place a cooling rack over the top, then flip it over, allowing the pan to rest on the cooling rack. Gently lift up the pan a bit. The cake hopefully fell right out. If it didn’t, place it back down and gently tap on the sides of the pan with the blunt end of a knife until it loosens.