Honey Buns

Honey Buns

I think I’ve eaten pretty well this week. I did Meatless Monday. I made a big pot of this healthy and delicious soup. And I’m pretty sure I read some where that honey is good for you, so …

Yeah, I’m just kidding. I really just felt the need for something sweet and this is what emerged from my kitchen. Buns – buns with honey – perfectly sweet and delightful for a late weekend breakfast. They are even better with nuts and raisins. I didn’t have any nuts this morning to add to the pan (didn’t discover until I was too far into it, so just imagine a bunch of nuts on top, ok?) While still lovely without the nuts, they are a nice addition to balance the sweetness a bit. Taking the time to toast the nuts is even better, for an extra bit of flavour.

Pick a honey you love for these buns, as it’s flavour is front and centre. You can use liquid or creamed.

The amount of dough for these buns is fairly small, so you may find it easier to hand knead this, rather than use a stand mixer. I start the mixing in the stand mixer and then pop it out onto a floured counter to finish kneading.




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