Rose-Shaped Sweet Rolls with a Warm Caramel Nut Sauce

Rose-shaped Sweet Rolls with a Warm Caramel Nut Topping

In honour of upcoming Valentine’s day, a dozen {sweet} roses! I mean what says “I Love You” more than a dozen sweet and buttery roses covered in a warm, nutty caramel sauce to celebrate Valentine’s, right?

This recipe is my very loose adaptation of a classic Italian rose sweet bread (Torta delle Rose) The classic is traditionally prepared over several days and baked in a tall springform pan with the rolls filled with butter that is whipped with white sugar. I decided I want to do a quicker, more rustic version (read, how can I make this in my skillet?) and change it up a bit. I thought about making it red velvet (no, not really! :), but in the end, decided to fill my sweet rolls with mixture of brown sugar and butter, with a touch of cinnamon. And since I was on a brown sugar and butter roll (no pun intended), I decided to top it all off with a quick, warm brown sugar, butter and nut sauce after it was baked.

Rose-Shaped Sweet Rolls with a Warm Caramel Nut Sauce
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There are a couple of points to pass along should you decide to make this recipe. They are made just like cinnamon/sticky rolls right up until the point you place them into your pan. Before you do, you need to pinch together the bottom of the slice. This serves two purposes – it keeps the butter/sugar filling from escaping out the bottom, and it pushes up and loosens the spiral a bit, making a fun “rose” shape as it bakes.

And speaking of the spiral shape, let me tell you, these rolls have a bit of trouble controlling their enthusiasm when not confined in a large pan, and have a tendency to grow exponentially in the oven. You may even encounter a rogue rose that will unravel itself and pop right out of the top or even right out of the pan. Of course, you’ll have less of a problem if you use a springform pan or at least a pan with higher sides than my skillet. If you use a skillet and you have any escapees, never fear, you can just pop it back in where it belongs and all will be well.

In any event, I strongly recommend placing a baking sheet under whatever pan you use, to catch any escaping butter/sugar mixture or the odd centre of a rose.

Rose-shaped  Sweet Rolls with a Warm Caramel Nut Sauce
Pin It One last thing, the dough on these rolls is just lovely – a rich and sweet brioche-like dough. Despite that, they keep remarkably well and were moist and delicious the second day and beyond. And like all breads, these freeze well.



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