Potato, Bacon, Roasted Red Pepper, Aged Cheddar and Arugula Frittata

Potato, Bacon, Roasted Red Pepper, Arugula and Aged Cheddar Frittata

As I write this today, there are snow flakes falling from the sky. What is with that?! I’m not ready to be done with Fall yet. On the upside though, I guess, it’s hearty skillet breakfast season. This colourful Frittata is loaded with so many flavourful ingredients, it makes it perfect for not only breakfast or brunch, but for a hearty dinner, as well.

I love the addition of potatoes to this frittata and it’s even better when those potatoes are crispy and browned in a bit of bacon fat. Combined with the greens, roasted red pepper, bacon and cheese, it’s a full breakfast in one skillet. Even my “not really a fan of that whole frittata thing” daughter loved this one. I credit the potatoes, as they really ground this dish, so it’s a bit less of an egg dish. In fact, there is really only enough egg to hold all the ingredients together.

You can use any kind of cheese for this one, my only tip is to pick one that’s really full-flavoured, or it will get lost with all the other flavours going on here – a good, aged cheddar, Fontina, Gruyere, Asiago would all be good choices. You can use jarred roasted red peppers or quickly roast your own (instructions below).



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