Peach Dutch Baby with Wild Blueberry Sauce

peach dutch baby

As we were finishing up dinner earlier this week, I casually announced to the family that I was making a Dutch baby. Once I saw the eyes widen a bit around the table, I quickly added “for dessert”, as if that would surely make it all clear.

My son, who obviously had places to go and people to see, wanted only to know how long it would take for me to produce this Dutch baby thing. Half an hour, I assured him. Daughter just wrinkled her nose, convinced that it sounded like something she wasn’t going to like. My husband cut right to the chase and wanted to know exactly what a Dutch baby was and why he would want to eat one.

You may be familiar with the Dutch baby, but if not, it’s one of those dishes whose name offers few clues as to what it is. Some describe a Dutch baby as a cross between a pancake and a popover. For me, it’s more like to a clafouti. But however it’s described, I declare it simply delicious. Light and warm, the Dutch baby itself has a custard taste, but with a super light pancake texture. When combined with fresh fruit and served warm, with melting vanilla ice cream, the Dutch baby is perfection and quickly won over everyone in my family.

Peaches and blueberries are at their seasonal best right now, so they were my choices for this week’s Dutch baby. But this dessert would be lovely with all kinds of fruits, so it can go with you through all the summer fruits and into the fall and winter, with apples (maybe with a caramel sauce?).

dutch baby

You’ll want to serve the Dutch baby warm from the oven. It will puff up while cooking and then quickly deflate. Don’t despair though. It’s supposed to do that. Dust with powdered sugar, top with some vanilla ice cream and spoon some of the blueberry sauce over top (truthfully, the ice cream part is optional, but really … why not?). Put the skillet on the table and allow people to serve themselves from the skillet, or if it’s just family, hand out spoons and dig in. (Be sure to wrap the skillet handle in a cloth, to remind everyone it’s hot).

Quick. Easy. Pretty. Delicious!

{The hazards of food photography or why I shouldn’t stand on chairs to take these photos …}
Right after I took the photo above, I fell off the chair I was standing on to take it. I made sure I held my camera in the air with my right hand. Heaven forbid anything should happen to my camera! It emerged unscathed. Unfortunately, my left wrist wasn’t so lucky. Broken. A palm to elbow cast will be complicating my cooking efforts for the next 6 weeks. On a brighter note, I did stop to eat a big piece of this Dutch baby with my good arm before I went to the hospital. Far too good to waste :)

Adapted from Bon Apetit August 2012



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