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Hi! I'm Jennifer, a home-cook of many years and a lifelong seeker of delicious food! I'm an equal opportunity eater. I enjoy eating all the foods!

I love to share the classic recipes that I have enjoyed for years, as well as newer discoveries, that have become fast favourites.
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  1. Patty says

    This is absolutely WONDERFUL! Ooey-gooey, sticky, tasty, oh so amazing. Can’t get enough of it. And of course - ice cream is a must to go with it.
    Jennifer, you are my go to site for recipes. So many great tasting and delightful recipes!

    • Jennifer says

      So glad you enjoyed it, Patty! I'm such a fan of anything sticky-toffee :) Thanks so much.

  2. Lola says

    Hello, I'm assuming the baking powder gets stirred in with the flour and spices. It didn't say in the instructions so just double checking. Thanks!! This dessert looks so delicious. Will be trying it out for sure!!!

    • Jennifer says

      It does, Lola. I should have specified it. I have fixed it now :) Thanks and enjoy!

  3. Meg says

    Your guidance sounds wonderful! Sticky toffee pudding is something I never heard of before a few weeks ago, while watching the Great British Baking Show! Even the name sounds good enough to eat! I'm trying to feature the last of my heritage apples with our own maple syrup here in New England. Is there a way to make toffee sauce with maple or honey? And last twist: I need it to be gluten free, but I 'll figure that out if you don't!

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Meg, I think you could just use 1 for 1 gluten free flour for this one (haven't tried it, but suspect it would work). As for the maple syrup, I see Martha Stewart has a maple toffee sauce you could try. Just hit up google :) Enjoy!

  4. sisusue says

    the recipe is missing?????

    Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding

  5. Dana says

    Hello, Can this be made the day before?

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Dana and yes, it can. It should hold up very well being made ahead.

  6. Tricia @ Saving Room for Dessert says

    I love this apple inspired gorgeous gooey dessert! I would probably sit there until the skillet was licked clean :) Ice cream is a must for me. Pinning Jennifer!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks so much, Tricia :)

  7. Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary says

    5 stars
    This pudding looks absolutely sensational, Jennifer!!! I'm loving the apple and toffee combo - so good! I was going to say I'm thankful you excluded dates since my husband hates them, but I just realized that means I'm going to have to share this dessert with him! Womp womp. ;) Guess I better make two, huh? Cheers!

    • Jennifer says

      Lol! He'll love this one :) Thanks Cheyanne.

  8. Chris Scheuer says

    5 stars
    If Sticky Toffee Pudding is on a restaurant menu, it will ALWAYS be my first choice. I love the idea of apples instead of dates!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Chris! It's a nice combination with the toffee sauce :)

  9. Milena says

    5 stars
    I really like your idea of steeping apples slices. My grandma used to do it with quince slices as we had a generously producing quince tree and I'd love to try it with apples. Besides that - I'm loving this skillet creation! On my list of recipes to try!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Milena! I'm not sure I've ever eaten a quince. Adding that to my list of things I need to eat :)

  10. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says

    5 stars
    Oh my goodness! This looks so lush, Jennifer! What a real treat! And that skillet makes it extra special and cozy. Hubby and I would love this one for sure :)

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Dawn!

  11. [email protected] says

    5 stars
    All the cozy and comfort in one delicious dessert!! My eyes are happy! And my tastebuds are soon to be! Pinned!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Annie :)

  12. Mary Ann | The Beach House Kitchen says

    5 stars
    I'm loving this twist on the classic Jennifer. I don;t always have dates either, so I'm loving the use of the apple cider, which I always have during the fall and winter months. Can't wait to give this a try. It's such a cozy dessert!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Mary Ann :) I always have cider in the fridge in the Fall, too, so always ready to make this one :)

  13. dena says

    Sounds delicious- I would like to make this recipe for a party, but was just wondering about proportions for doubling or tripling the recipe?

  14. vincent says

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  15. Kara says

    5 stars
    This looks amazing! So simple but strong flavour!! My family will be very impressed.

  16. Jennifer says

    Thanks Kasey
    Hi Harris. It really doesn't matter the exact size of your ramekins. Simply fill 3/4 full until you've used all your batter. Only the yield will change based on ramekin size. I just checked mine. I used 4 ramekins that hold just under 1 cup of water (to the top) and 2 ramekins that hold about 3/4 cup of water. So my yield was 6. If I'd used all of the smaller size, I would have easily made 8.

  17. Harris says

    Can I get a more precise idea of what a "ramekin" size might be? thanks.

  18. Kasey says

    Beautiful! I want a bite of it right this second ;)

  19. Jennifer says

    The toffee sauce is really good, Anna. In fact I increased it from the original recipe because I needed more of it.

  20. Anna says

    I am excited about the toffee sauce. I can make a little more than what is in your recipe because I just love to have extra sauces for quick party preparations. I can buy baked treats and then pour over my special sauce and I already have an instant dessert. Hmmm...I am thinking of pouring this over fresh fruits too. Thanks for sharing!

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