Picnic Perfect. Pressed Italian Sandwiches

Pressed Italian Sandwich

I was contacted recently by Tre Stelle™ to ask me if I was interested in trying their new Bocconcini medallions. One thing’s for sure … I never say no to cheese!

I thought the idea of pre-sliced Bocconcini was a great one. Sure, you can slice a Bocconcini ball yourself, but it’s wet and slippery and not the easiest thing to cut neatly. These slices lend themselves to any recipe where flat cheese slices just work better. I think they’d be perfect for caprese salad, lasagna, panini or cold sandwiches.

I decided to use the Bocconcini medallions in a sandwich – a picnic perfect, Pressed Italian Sandwich. These sandwiches are great to make up and keep them in the fridge to grab and go. They are also perfect for picnics or packed lunches, as they are hearty and filling and travel well. They will keep well in the fridge for several days.

Pressed Italian Sandwich

My version on the pressed sandwich features roasted red peppers, assorted Italian meats, Tre Stella Bocconcini medallions (drizzled with some balsamic vinegar) and arugula, all on a ciabatta bun. You can use any size ciabatta, from small buns to larger loaves. If using a large ciabatta loaf, simply place all the ingredients onto the loaf, refrigerate and press and then slice into smaller pieces before serving. I like to trim the edges off the sandwiches to enjoy all the layers. I love how all the flavours come together in this sandwich and notice how it’s red, white and green – just like the Italian flag!

Once made, the sandwiches are tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerated with a weight on top (the “pressed” part). I used my cast-iron grill pan, which worked perfectly. Refrigerate with the weight at least 6 hours or ideally, overnight. To keep the sandwich freshest, keep in the fridge, tightly wrapped in the plastic wrap and un-trimmed. When ready to serve or transport, simply trim the side and end crusts and if you like, wrap in a strip of parchment paper secured with some twine. You can then re-wrap in plastic wrap, if needed to keep them from drying out while they wait to be eaten.

Pressed Italian Sandwich

Pressed sandwiches are endlessly customizable. You can swap out spinach for the arugula, or tomato for the roasted red pepper. And so on. The possibilities are endless.

I received coupons for the Bocconcini medallions, along with a lovely cheese board from Tre Stelle, but as always, my opinions are my own.




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