Crispy Skillet Roasted Mini Potatoes with Rosemary

Crispy Skillet Rosemary Potatoes

Simply perfect and Crispy Skillet Roasted Mini Potatoes with Rosemary A great side dish for any meal.

There are some dishes that are just simple perfection. This is one of them. Potatoes – crispy and flavourful on the bottom, smooth and velvety on top. And one of the easiest dishes you’ll make, I guarantee.

Of course, this isn’t so much a recipe, but more a bit of visual inspiration. You simply need some small potatoes, olive oil, salt, rosemary and a cast-iron skillet. Stick it in a hot oven (or in your BBQ) and forget about it for a while. While they cook up into crispy-bottom goodness, the salt and rosemary infuses the potatoes with flavour, so when you pull them out of the oven, there is nothing left to do but enjoy them.

Cook’s Notes for Crispy Skillet Roasted Mini Potatoes with Rosemary

The only little tip I have for this dish is to only put as many potatoes in as can lay perfectly flat on the bottom of the skillet. I mention this only because I may have been known to crowd my pan a little in the past. You know … just to get a few more potatoes to enjoy. Bad idea. You will sacrifice some great crispy bits if you make this mistake. Of course, if you happen to have a really large cast-iron skillet, no worries … more crispy potatoes for you!

Crispy Skillet Rosemary Potatoes

Crispy Skillet Rosemary Potatoes

Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: skillet roasted potatoes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 48
Energy: 50 kcal
Author: Jennifer
This is a perfect side dish any time of year. Cook them in your oven or in a hot BBQ over indirect heat.


  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 sprig fresh rosemary
  • 3/4 tsp. coarse sea salt or kosher salt
  • 8 small red potatoes or other waxy potatoes


  1. Put oven rack on the lowest level and pre-heat oven to 425° F. for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Pour enough olive oil into a large cast-iron skillet, tilting it, just to cover the bottom of the pan. Strip the leaves from the rosemary sprig and scatter evenly over the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle the salt over the rosemary.
  3. Scrub the potatoes, if necessary, then cut them in half, and set them cut side down on the rosemary and salt. Roast on the lowest oven rack until the potatoes are tender and the bottoms are crisp and well browned, about 30 to 40 minutes.

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    • HI Rosie, We often do them on the BBQ, especially those days where it’s too hot to turn the stove on.

  • Golly these sound amazing! They really don’t need any par-boiling? I love it. So simple :)

    I thought of you this weekend while we were camping… I have a second cast-iron skillet that I only use over the fire. I have the worst time with it! EVERYTHING STICKS when I cook while camping in that skillet. Am I not heating it up first enough? Not enough oil? It’s so frustrating, and leaves badly blackened, burned-on food that take some elbow grease and salt-scrubbing to remove. You are the queen of cast-iron cooking/baking!… wondered if you had any advice. Now I just sound like a whiner :)

    • These really are that simple – no par-boiling and the come out beautifully cooked. Now about your skillet. I would try re-seasoning the skillet. If it’s a skillet you only use for camping, it may not have the benefit of regular cooking with fats that keep it well-seasoned. Just google seasoning cast iron for easy directions (basically rub oil on it and bake and repeat). Also, I would make sure that the fire is not too hot. Cast-iron is such a good conductor of heat. It may just be that it’s just too hot and burning food on the bottom. Hope that helps (and no worries … you don’t sound like a whiner :)

      • This is helpful! Thank you. I always had thought that my cast iron would be destroyed from cooking over a fire, which is why I keep two, and why the camping pn never gets well-used or seasoned like my other one. I’m starting to see that it can really withstand about anything I put it through! (Except maybe too-high of heat for the food I’m cooking.) Thanks so much for your advice!

    • I haven’t tried this but saw it on another blog today…just thought I would pass it along:

      To clean a cast iron skillet, toss about 1/2 cup coarse salt into the pan and rub with a soft sponge. The salt removes excess oils and takes off the bits of food without messing with the seasoning of the pan.

        • Gret advice, Gail! I have always used salt to clean my skillet, especially if there is scorched-on food, but I was still having trouble making it a good non-stick surface. After Jennifer mentioned here that baking is so much part of the seasoning process, I have been leaving it in the oven for many of the times I bake something. It’s already working wonders :) Thanks for the great advice, both of yalll!

I love hearing from you, so if you have a question or something isn't quite clear, I'm happy to help. If you made this recipe, I'd love to know how you liked it ~ Jennifer

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