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  1. Lia Koester says

    Hello Jennifer,

    I’m jam for the first time.
    The 4 lb grapefruit amount - is that before or after peeling?

    Thank you,

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Lia, that would be the grapefruit weight before you do any cutting or peeling. Enjoy!

  2. Ella says

    5 stars
    Thanks so much, this was a quick, easy, foolproof recipe. Took me 15 minutes cooking time. I used yellow grapefruit.
    Turned out great. Also used 4 grapefruit and 1,5cups sugar, so recipe was successfully halved and worked perfectly.

    South Africa.

    • Jennifer says

      So glad to hear, Ella :) Thanks so much!

      • Gerda says

        5 stars
        I also halved the recipe. Used yellow grapefruit an one naartjie (mandarin) and added some ginger.

        • Jennifer says

          Sounds lovely, Gerda :)

  3. Liz says

    Can this recipe be canned— water bath in order to store on shelf? I have so many grapefruit and don’t want to have refrigerator full. I think it will last longer as shelf life... please advise. Thank you

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Liz, possibly, but as I'm not a master canner, I can't give advice on canning. You should seek out advice from an expert source on whether the mixture meets the specifications for canning.

  4. KarenB says

    5 stars
    I’ve made this several times and I just love it. Thank you!

    • Jennifer says

      So glad to hear, Karen :) Thanks so much!

  5. Kathleen says

    This looks easy and delicious. I may add star jasmine for a twist on the flavor.

    • Jennifer says

      Enjoy :)

  6. KK says

    Hi, Jennifer - would this recipe work with water bath canning? My tree drops 4-5 grapefruit per day, and your recipe looks so easy! Thanks!

    • Jennifer says

      Hi KK, it probably would, though I would suggest researching online for safe canning practices.

  7. Bridget says

    Does it stay pretty chunky with the segments or do they typically break down during the cooking process? If they do not, do you think a quick hit with a hand mixer might give the jam a slightly less chunky texture?

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Bridget, they break down quite a bit, but that said, if you'd like a smooth jam, you won't hurt it by blending it down before cooking.

  8. Ronda Teakel says

    5 stars
    I used the yellow grapefruit, not the ruby, but it turned out a gorgeous honey colour. I also cooked mine in the microwave until it passed the wrinkle test. Thank you, I now have another way to use grapefruit of which I have many. ... Rondaa

    • Jennifer says

      So glad you enjoyed it, Ronda! Thanks :)

  9. Jessica says

    How do you get the peeled grapefruit to jam form?

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Jessica, the mixture will form a jam when it boils to at least 220F. A thermometer is handy to made sure the mixture reaches this point. (The pectin in the grapefruit together with the sugar will make a jam, without any need for additional pectin).

  10. Daniela says

    I am doing your recipe right now ?. It has been almost 30 min since I put all the ingredients on the stove and 15 min since it stated boiling. It seems pretty liquid. I don't know if I did something wrong? I did the "wrinkle" test and as I said it is very liquid.

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Daniela, Just seeing your message now. How did you make out?

      • Tami says

        I can’t seem to get this to set up either. I wonder if the type of grapefruit matters? Can you give an idea how long you boil it?

        • Jennifer says

          Hi Tami, when it comes to jam making, it isn't about time. It's about temperature. The mixture must reach 220F when measured with a thermometer. If you don't have a thermometer, read "How to test with the Wrinkle Test" in the Cook's Notes and follow that guide.

  11. Despo Baltoumas says

    Dear Jennifer, Thanks so much! I can not think of a better way to start the New Year than with some wonderful homemade grapefruit jam! Wishing you and your family, the very best! Despo

  12. Despo Baltoumas says

    Jennifer, can I use this recipe in my column? It seems like such a great post-holiday treat. My daughters are coming home for Christmas. there is nothing better than having our children home with us. Merry Christmas and Thanks for all you do! Despo

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Despo and absolutely fine to share :) Merry Christmas to you and your family, as well!

  13. Chris Scheuer says

    This sounds wonderful Jennifer! I bet it would make an awesome glaze for roasted chicken or fish too.

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Chris and yes, it would!!

  14. Jennifer says

    Thanks so much, Jennifer. I feel like I need to do more things with grapefruit. Really enjoyed this jam!

  15. Jennifer Farley says

    Grapefruit is one of my favorite ingredients to work with. Gorgeous!

  16. Laura (Tutti Dolci) says

    That color is just stunning, lovely jam!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Laura. I was surprised at how much colour came out of those grapefruits :)

  17. Mary Ann | The Beach House Kitchen says

    You're a great mom Jennifer! Your daughter will love it, I'm sure! I am a huge jam fan, so I'll have to give this grapefruit jam a go. Enjoy your week!

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Mary Ann :) Have a great week, too!

  18. Tricia @ Saving room for dessert says

    I received a few grapefruit as a gift yesterday and love them! I bet I would enjoy this jam - and while I'm not a peel hater - I do prefer a peel-less jam or jelly much more! This is lovely Jennifer and I bet your daughter will love it - glad she is coming home soon - that makes Christmas so much better when we can spend it with our children.

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks so much, Tricia :) Looking forward to her being home!

  19. Amy says

    5 stars
    Wow, this came out really nice. I have never thought abut grapefruit jam before.

    • Jennifer says

      Thanks Amy and same. Even though I'm not a peel hater, I really enjoyed this peel-less version :)

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