Homemade Pizza Buns

Homemade Pizza Buns

This week, I found myself in the grocery store just a little too close to lunch time. You know how it is when you shop and are a little hungry?! Everything I saw looked way more appealing than usual, particularly anything that was even remotely “ready-to-eat”. As I wandered through the bakery section, I spied the big bin of Pizza Buns and they fit the bill perfectly. I really wanted to take some home, until I saw the price of $1.69 a bun!

I’d have to buy 4 of course, since I couldn’t just bring one home for myself. I quickly did the math and even though math has never been my strong suit, I was pretty sure that 4 buns were going to set me back almost $7. Nope. That wasn’t going to happen. It’s dough, pizza sauce and a bit of cheese, for heaven’s sake.

I am not usually one to pinch pennies when it comes to buying food. I’ll happily pay $15 for a scant quart of wild Ontario blueberries when they show up at the markets in late summer. And there was that $23 I spent on a small piece of Délice de Bourgogne cheese at the St. Lawrence Market a while back (but darn, it was good :). About the only thing I refuse to spend my money on is something that I know I can easily make at home myself for a fraction of the cost.

So I came home and made my own. It took me only about 90 minutes, start to finish (most of it passive waiting-for-dough-to-rise time). When I was done, I had 16 buns. I ate one, left a couple out for when the hungry family members arrived home and froze the rest. They freeze beautifully, so they’ll be filling all the random savoury snack needs in this household for a while.

Homemade Pizza Buns

I made smaller and thinner buns than the ones in the grocery store. I’m a thin-crust pizza kind of gal, so since I was in making the sizing decisions now, I went smaller and thinner. You can easily make them thicker and/or bigger if that’s the way you like ‘em. You’ll just get fewer buns, of course. If you make thicker buns, be sure to increase the amount of sauce and cheese you put on each bun, to keep the topping to bun ratio in good order.

And speaking of cheese, yes, I used cheddar, because that’s what the pizza buns in the store have on them. It’s good. Of course, you can always use mozzarella (or another cheese), if you like. That’s the great thing about making your own. You get to make all the decisions :)

Homemade Pizza Buns

P.S. Because I was curious, I calculated what it cost me to make these Pizza Buns. I used one jar of Pizza Sauce at $2, 1/3 – 1/2 a block of cheddar that I bought for $5 (so let’s say $2.50) and a I’ll allow $1 for the dough ingredients (all of which I had on hand). That’s $5.50 for 16 buns, or 34 cents per bun. Now granted, mine are smaller than the store-bought, but not by all that much and honestly, they were every bit as tasty.




  • My boys love pizza buns..great to know they are so easy to make at home! Thx for sharing!

  • Liz says:

    My kids love them too but I hate paying for them! Thanks for showing me how I can do it at home :)

    • Jennifer M says:

      Thanks Liz. I’ve bought them for my kids over the years as well, but always considered it a bit of a “treat” kind of thing because of the cost. That’s why I love these. No buyer’s remorse :)

  • Sophie says:

    I love this! I do the math on things like this often… thinking… it would be more delicious AND cheaper if I made them myself! I’m sure these were much tastier than pre-made! And some frozen for later, too! Wonderful idea… sounds like a perfect lunch.

    • Jennifer M says:

      It was the perfect lunch that day, Sophie, even if I had to wait a bit for it. It’s been great having them in the freezer for snackage for the teenager in the house, too!

  • Mel says:

    I needed a quick pizza recipe tonight so that my daughter and I would have something to eat at a pizza party. I used this recipe with gluten-free flour, and it worked great! Thank you so much!

  • Laura M says:

    I am going to try these this week. I’m a Canadian ex-pat living in the States and they certainly don’t sell them in the grocery store here!

    • Jennifer M says:

      Really? Somehow I imagined them as universal. They are in every grocery store around here (in with the bulk buns and things). They are addictive little devils, but pricey, so I feel better making them myself.

  • Tammy says:

    Awesome recipe, I will be making these today. I happen to run out of bread, and thought what am I going to put in the boys lunch for school tomorrow, and thought hmmm pizza buns. Found this site and thought PERFECT!! They always think its a special treat when i give them the store bought ones…home made, even better!!

  • Samantha says:

    I’m making my own variation of these right now (used your recipe for inspiration, but I’m a ‘traditional yeast’ girl, so some steps are a little different). I’m making mini ones for Sunday school tomorrow (made 17 rounds), and then doubling the batch for some bigger ones for lunch/freezing for later. They look and smell awesome. I’m sure the kids will be thrilled to get pizza for snack :D

    • Jennifer M says:

      Sounds great and I’m sure they will enjoy their pizza snack! They freeze beautifully. I love to have some in the freezer and they warm up quickly and easily in the oven (from frozen), too. Enjoy!

  • JMarie says:

    These turned out perfect!
    And there are endless combinations!
    I used my bread machine on dough cycle but followed the recipe exactly otherwise and made 16 as suggested.
    Finally something else for the lunchbox ;)

  • Rhianna says:

    I doubled this recipe no problem, and made these with whole wheat flour. I also used olive oil, onion powder, garlic salt and Italian seasoning, then topped with a homemade sauce packed with hidden veggies. Must say best easiest quickest recipe I’ve tried! All my Kids loved them, and I had lots for on the road to a fishing trip. Thank you so much for posting this!

  • casey says:

    They look beautiful, much nicer than those in the stores! I spend about $15 a week, for 8 buns for my son, so I am so excited to try this. I dont eat them because they are so expensive but now I can :) Thanks so much! And great to know they freeze so well! A must try this weekend for the upcoming week.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m sure you (and your son) will love them, Casey. And yes, they freeze perfectly. To re-warm, just place the frozen pizza buns (no need to thaw) on a baking sheet and pop them in to a 400 degree oven for about 5-7 minutes. (Not exactly sure of the time as it’s been a while since I warmed them from frozen, but it’s not long at all). They come out just like they were freshly baked!

  • Casey says:

    As an update, these truly are so easy to make and so deliciously, amazingly yummy. They dont last long around here :) I make 8 rather large thinner buns and bake at 350 for a nice soft crust..that’s the beauty of this recipe, it is so versatile and easy to personalize. Thank you again for sharing!!!!

  • Jack Jensen says:

    Great recipe. Better than the store bought. Thanks for posting.

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